Zohair Dehnadi

Meet Zohair or 'Z' as we call him. Nominated twice as German Entrepreneur of the year, Z founded his first company in high school and is ever since passionate about startups and tries to hone his skills as an entrepreneur:

Z co-founded navabi - a global leader in fashion ecommerce - and successfully sold and exited it. As Co-Founder and CEO, he was responsible for over 150 workers, over 50 million Euro’s capital, Gross Revenues towards 100 million and supported over half a million customers around the globe. Following this, Z co-founded Enlipa, a Med-Tech company, which became one of the fastest growing and most profitable startups in Europe.

Additionally, Z established Eazy Venture - an Impact Investing Fund from Germany supporting various businesses in Blockchain, Tech, Real Estate, E-Commerce, Healthcare and Education. The latter holds a special place in Zohair's heart. Believing in lifelong learning and the impact of education, Z founded a non-profit company X- School of the Future with a mission to revolutionize the education system and empower the next generation by opening 100 such schools throughout Europe.

As recipient of the distinguished Alumni award from the Erasmus University, Zohair holds an MBA from Rotterdam School of Management /University of Chicago and a Bachelor in Economics from the University of Maastricht /University Bocconi. In 2009 Z won one of Europe's largest scholarships funded by the German business magazine Handelsblatt. Zohair is currently participating in Harvard Business School’s Owners and Presidents Management Program.

Babak Ghassim

Meet Babak or as we call him ‘Gonde’.

His first start up was run out of a one room appartment turned office and was all about high flying business ideas.

It failed miserably.

Failing to accept his failure though, Babak gave it another go. This time out out of a smoky café, where he worked as a waiter during the day, running Stand Up Comedy Shows at night (Yes we were in the audience). Tens year later RebellComedy was the biggest german speaking ensemble comedy tour ever, playing in arenas in front of ten thousand live guests, reaching over 100 people million online and getting a Special on Netflix.

Babak worked as Co-Founder, CEO and Artist, writing and performing several poetry slams that went viral. His poem Hinter uns mein Land has been translated in over ten languages and is read in schools around the world.

After co-founding Keschmesch, a cultural platform where young and upcoming writers publish articles, poems and short stories, Babak reunited with his childhood friends (The same ones that operated the high flying enterprise from his one room apartment back in the day. Yes, that ́s us!) to form X Ventures.

With our nonprofit project X - School of the future Babak is on a mission to shake up the education system and make school cool again.  

Babak finished his Master in Literature and Philosphy at the University of Köln and Heidelberg.

Dr. Matthias Reiser

Meet Matthias or as we call him 'DR. REIZERRRR'

Matthias‘ professional life is like a colorful bouquet of flowers. He worked 10+ years as a management consultant for Bain & Company on over 20 international projects formulating strategy and performance improvement programs across various industries. Following his passion for sports, Matthias then founded a sports marketing agency, managing sponsorship portfolios for professional soccer players including former German national player Lukas Podolski.

Afterwards, DR. REIZZERRR joined a global leader in ecommerce as Chief Financial Officer, closing several financing rounds and leading the company to a successful exit. In his last stop before X Ventures, Matthias was the CEO of a fast growing and successful German medical company.

Matthias graduated from the University of Maastricht with a Masters in Business Economics and from holds a PHD PhD in Economics from University of Cologne.

Iaad Kweider

Meet Iaad or as we call him “Mikado”.

Mikado started his career in Business Development and learned quickly that his strength lies in helping Start-Up’s to grow fast and to become successful. Besides many accomplishments early in his career, Mikado helped a German, VC backed Startup, as Chief Business Developer to a successful exit. Thereafter Iaad bootstrapped a Startup as Co-Founder and CEO. Within two years, Iaad managed to grow the company into one of Europe’s exemplary companies with revenues into the double-digit millions while being highly profitable. A feat rarely startups achieve in such a short time.

Iaad loves to face the challenges of our world by helping visionary and disruptive business model become a reality.

He is also a loving father and husband. Iaad finished his Bachelor and Master in international business with focus on Strategy and Innovation at the Maastricht School of Business and Economics.

He is currently part of the OPM Program of Harvard University.
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Our founders are all successful entrepreneurs with a track record of raising more than 500m in equity, starting companies and leading them to IPOs/Exits. We love to start our own ventures and will realize through X-Ventures some of the most exciting new projects in the Blockchain Industry.
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We love Blockchain-based projects and strongly support the idea of decentralization of power and decision making. Teams we like to work with are mission-driven, intellectually honest and infinite learners. They want to help build a better world and are not in it solely for the capital.

We understand the entrepreneur’s journey; most of us have been down that road. We love to dig in early to help entrepreneurs build important, valuable companies. It’s why we love what we do, and why we are always looking for the next team with rare potential.
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We are building Europe’s first 100% green mining farms and offer institutions and private investors to participate in the blockchain revolution with our mining facilities.
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We believe that business success and impact are not mutually exclusive, but rather mutually enhancing. Businesses built out of the idea to change the world for the better tend to perform better in the long run.
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